Comprehensive list of Consortia, 17th Edition

Editor's note

Much of the key standardization activity in ICT is carried out by industry consortia rather than in formal standards organizations.  By kind agreement of CEN and CENELEC, Raising Standards has assumed the responsibility for the maintenance of the list  of such consortia, previously published on the CEN website.

The latest (17th) edition of the list overall was published in 2012.  Verifying and updating it will be a progressive business, as and when each page has been updated this will be identified as such.  When the entire list has been examined, then we will add a subject index. The list is prepared with public information, but we seek to verify the entries with the organisations concerned;  however, the usual disclaimers apply.

The current list is certainly incomplete.  Please inform us of any bodies you think that meet the criteria below and should be included.

How did we make this list? Not every standards consortium we know about is included. In order to qualify, consortia included on the list must meet certain criteria, which include that:

·         The organisation must be international in outlook and scope, not     simply an instrument of single-nation policy;

·         The organisation must have an active and international membership;

·         The organisation must not be set-up specifically as a single-vendor, government, or proprietary technology advocacy group;

·         The organisation's work must be of importance to the areas of ICT standardization or its processes.

Each organisation's name, scope, available standards and contact information is provided together with available information on the organization's membership structure and size, information on its arrangements concerning IPRs in standards, and any certification or conformance programmes.

Every effort has been made to ensure the information is accurate, however Raising Standards, CEN and CENELEC cannot guarantee that all of the details are correct.

Please do not hesitate to send us any additional information or corrections.

CEN and CENELEC copyright applies to this list. Material may be reproduced freely, providing the source is acknowledged.

Edition 17 - August 2012

Alphabetical list of standards-related Fora and Consortia

1394 TA - The 1394 High Performance Serial Bus Trade Association


AACS - Advanced Access Content System
- Association of Computing Machinery
AES - Audio Engineering Society
AFEI - Association For Enterprise Integration
AIIM - Association for Information and Image Management
AIM - Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility
AMWA - Advanced Media Workflow Association
ARMA International
ARTS - Association for Retail Technology Standards
ASTM International
ATIS - Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
AUTOSAR - Automotive Open System Architecture Partnership


- Bluetooth Consortium
Broadband Forum
- Broadband Services Forum


Cablelab - Cable Laboratories - Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium
CANENA - Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standardization of the Nations of the Americas
CDG - CDMA Development Group
CDISC - Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium
CEA - The Consumer Electronics Association
CELF - Consumer Electronics Linux Forum
CEPIS - Council of European Professional Informatics Societies
CHeS - Coalition for Healthcare eStandards Inc.
CIPA - Camera and Imaging Products Association
CISQ - Consortium for IT Software Quality
CLSI - Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute
CompTIA - Computing Technology Industry Association
CTIA - Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association
CVC - Component Vendor Consortium


DCMI - Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
DDEX - Digital Data Exchange
DDWG - Digital Display Working Group, The
DECT Forum - Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
DLNA - Digital Living Network Alliance
DMPF - The Digital Media Project
DMR - Digital Mobile Radio
DMTF - Distributed Management Task Force, Inc.
DRM - Digital Radio Mondiale
DVB - Digital Video Broadcasting Project
DVD Forum


ebIX - European forum for energy Business Information eXchange
Echonet - Echonet Consortium
ECMA – An international Europe-based Industry Association for Standardizing Information and Communication Systems
ECSS – European Cooperation for Space Standardization
EDA Consortium - Electronic Design Automation Consortium
EDIFICE – The European B2B forum for the Electronics Industry
EEMBC - Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium
EIA – Electronic Industries Alliance
EIC - Emergency Interoperability Consortium
EIDQ – Association for the Directory Information and Related Search Industry
EMF – European Multimedia Forum
EPASOrg - Driving Interoperability in Card Payments
EPIC - European Photonics Industry Consortium
ERTICO – Intelligence Transport System and Services Europe
ETIS – The Global IT Association for Telecommunications
EUROGI - EURopean umbrella Organization for Geographic Information
EUROSMART - European Smart Card Industry Association


FCIA - Fibre Channel Industry Association
- Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents
FlexRay Consortium
FSTC - Financial Services Technology Consortium


Globus Alliance
GmSA - Global Mobile Suppliers Association
GS1 - (Formerly EAN)
GSA - Gaming Standards Association
GSDi - Global Spatial Data Infrastructure
GVF - Global Very Small aperture Terminal (VSAT) Forum


HIBCC - Health Industry Business Communications Council, The
HIMSS - Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
HL7 - Health Level Seven
HomePlug – HomePlug Powerline Alliance
HomePNA – Home Phoneline Networking alliance
HR-XML – Human Resource XML Consortium


I3A – International Imaging Industry Association
IBIA – International Biometric Industry Association
IBTA - InfiniBand Trade Association
ICA - International Communications Association
ICH - Interoperability Clearinghouse
IDEAlliance - International Digital Enterprise Alliance
IDEMA - International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association
IDPF - International Digital Publishing Forum
IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IEST - Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology
IETF – Internet Engineering Task Force
IFSF – International Forecourt Standards Forum
IHE – Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise
IIA – Internet Industry Association
IMS Forum
IMTC – The International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium
INC – Industry Numbering Committee
INCITS – International Committee for Information Technology Standards
iNEMI - International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative
– Internet 2 Initiative
INTUG – International Telecommunication User Group
IPC - Association Connecting Electronic Industries
IPTC - International Press Telecommunications Council
IPv6Forum – Internet Protocol version 6 Forum
IrDA – The Infrared Data Association
ISA - The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society
ISC – Internet Systems Consortium
ISF - Information Security Forum
ISMA – Internet Streaming Media Alliance
ITS America – Intelligent Transportation Society of America
itSMF - IT Service Management Forum
IVI Foundation - Interchangeable Virtual Instruments Foundation
IWA – International Webmasters Association


JCF – Java Card Forum


Khronos Group
KNX - KONNEX Association


Liberty Alliance Project
LIFT - Leadership in Fibre Laser Technology
Linux Foundation
LonMark International
LXI - LXI Consortium


MDA – Mobile Data Association
MEF – Metro Ethernet Forum
MIPC - Mobile Imaging and Printing Consortium
MIPI - Mobile Industry Processor Interface
MMA – Midi Manufacturers Association
Mobey Forum
MPEG Industry Forum
MSF – Multiservice Switching Forum


NANOG – North American Network Operators Group
NCOIC - Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium
NCPDP - National Council for Prescription Drug Programs, Inc.
NFC Forum - Near Field Communication Forum
NIL Com - The NIL (Nanoimprint Lithography) Consortium
NISO – National Information Standards Organization
NPES - Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies


OAG – Open Applications Group
OAI - Open Archives Initiative
OASIS – Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
OCP-IP - Open Core Protocol International Partnership
ODVA – Open DeviceNet Vendor Association, Inc
OGC – Open GIS Consortium
OGF - Open Grid Forum
OIF – Optical Internetworking Forum
OIPF - Open IPTV Forum
OMA - Open Mobile Alliance
OMG – Object Management Group
OMTP - Open Mobile Terminal Platform Group
ONFI - Open NAND Flash Interface
OPA - Online Privacy Alliance
OpenAjax Alliance
OpenForum Europe
Open Travel
OSCRE - Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate
OSE - Open Security Exchange
OSGI – Open Services Gateway Initiative
OSI - Open Source Initiative
OTA - Open Travel Alliance
OW2 - OW2 Consortium


PC104 Consortium
PCCA – portable Computer and Communications Association
PCI SIG – Peripheral Component Interconnect Special Working Group
PHS MoU Group – Personal Handyphone System Memorandum of Understanding Group
PICMG – PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group
PIDX - Petroleum Industry Data Exchange Committee
Project Mesa
PWG - Printer Working Group


RapidIO Trade Association


SA Forum - Service Availability Forum
SATA-IO - Serial ATA International Organization
SCSI_TA – Small Computer System Interface Trade Association
SIA - Security Industry Association
SIF - SIF Association
SIFA - Schools Interoperability Framework Association
SIM Alliance – Subscriber Identification Module Alliance
SIP Forum
SISO - Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization
Smart Card Alliance
SNIA – Storage Networking Industry Association
SPC - Storage Performance Council
SSCI - Systems and Software Consortium, Inc.


TAHI - The Application Home Initiative
TCG – Trusted Computing Group
TEI-C - Text Encoding Initiative Consortium
TETRA MoU Association – Terrestrial Trunked Radio
The Zhaga Consortium
– Telecommunications Industry Association
TISA - Traveller Information Services Association
TMF – TeleManagement Forum
TOG - The Open Group
TPC – Transaction Processing Performance Council
TWIST - Transaction Workflow Innovation Standards Team


UMTS Forum – Universal Mobile Telecommunications System Forum
Unicode Consortium
UniForum – The International Association of Open Systems Professionals
UPnP – Universal Plug and Play Forum
USB-IF – Universal Serial Bus Implementers'Forum
USPI - Uitgebereid Samenwerkingsverband Procesindustrie Nederland


VESA – Video Electronics Standards Association
VICS - Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards Association
VITA - VMEBus International Trade Association
Voice XML Forum – The Voice Extensible Markup Language Forum
VOIPSA - Voice over IP Security Association
VPNC - Virtual Private Network Consortium


W3C – World Wide Web Consortium
WASC - Web Application Security Consortium
WEB3D – WEB3D Consortium
WEDI - Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange
WfMC – Workflow Management Coalition
WHAT - Web Hypertext Application Technology
Wi-Fi Alliance
WInnF - Wireless Innovation Forum
WiMAX Forum – Worldwide Microwave Interoperability Forum
WiMedia Alliance
WINA - Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance
WorldDAB Forum – World Digital Audio Broadcast Forum
WPC - Wireless Power Consortium
WS-I – Web Servicies Interoperability Organization


XII - XBRL International – eXtensible Business Reporting Language


ZigBee - The ZigBee Alliance