are everywhere.  Standardization is big business.  But how much do decision-takers in business or Governments actually know about it?  It’s often seen as a somewhat arcane technical activity needed to keep regulators away, but standards nowadays are not only to benchmark industrial products, they improve market transparency for consumers, they set levels of service, they ensure interoperability of ICT.  It’s still an under-studied discipline – and it needs better academic recognition – but those studies there are suggest standards activities add to overall GNP in a measurable sense.

Who are we?

“Raising Standards” is the trading name of our consultancy company, providing experienced and honest advice and support on standards issues for any stakeholders with an interest.  We’ve well over two decades of direct experience in standardization, including its operation, organisation and management – and even longer understanding of stakeholder consensus processes.

Of course, we’re not experts in every subject under the sun.  But the point is, at least for Europe, we understand perfectly how it all works, and we know someone who can advise on specific topics.

What do we do?

We provide tailor-made services which include providing advice and information at reasonable rates on how to promote your interests in standardization, training courses and presentations, representing you on standards issues, you name it.  We’ll let you have initial ideas without charge.  Although the bulk of our experience is in Europe, we have a good understanding of the complex global landscape, including formal and informal standards bodies, consortia and so on, and also how it is done in other regions of the world, as well as knowing the contacts at national level.  We’re good at understanding the relationships between standardization and regulation – especially complex in Europe and other issues such as certification.

The European Standards Organization


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